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Cat Protection Society Of New South Wales Concord Veterinary Hospital

Cat Protection Society Of New South Wales Concord Veterinary Hospital

Concord Veterinary Hospital, situated in the heart of the bustling Sydney suburb of Concord, is immensely proud to be associated with the Cat Protection Society of New South Wales (CPSNSW).

As a leading veterinary facility, Concord Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to providing exceptional care for our feline companions while fostering strong partnerships with organisations that share our values and commitment to animal welfare.

The Cat Protection Society of New South Wales, established in 1958, has been striving for over six decades to improve the welfare of cats in the region. As a not-for-profit, membership-based organisation, CPSNSW has devoted itself to promoting responsible cat ownership, improving public awareness of feline welfare issues, and offering a range of services that cater to the needs of cats and their guardians.

This admirable organisation takes pride in its no-kill policy, ensuring that all cats in their care are given the best chance to find loving forever homes. To this end, CPSNSW operates a state-of-the-art adoption centre where potential adopters can meet their new feline family members in a comfortable, stress-free environment.

As part of our collaboration with the Cat Protection Society of New South Wales, Concord Veterinary Hospital extends its support in various ways. One such example is by providing first-rate veterinary care to cats in the care of CPSNSW, ensuring their health and well-being are of the highest standard before they embark on their new lives with their adoptive families. Additionally, our highly qualified and compassionate veterinarians offer advice and support on cat health and welfare, promoting responsible pet ownership and nurturing the bond between feline friends and their guardians.

Moreover, Concord Veterinary Hospital and the Cat Protection Society of New South Wales endeavour to educate the public on the importance of desexing, vaccinating, and microchipping their pets, as well as the benefits of adopting cats from shelters. Together, we strive to create a society where every cat is given the opportunity to lead a healthy, happy life.

It is through collaborations such as ours with the Cat Protection Society of New South Wales that Concord Veterinary Hospital fulfils its mission of championing animal welfare and enhancing the lives of both pets and their guardians. Our partnership not only reflects our shared values and commitment to feline wellbeing but also strengthens the message that together, we can create a brighter future for the cats of New South Wales, Australia.

Concord Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to offering a full range of quality veterinary services to the Cat Protection Society of New South Wales (CPSNSW). As a trusted partner, our experienced and compassionate team of veterinary professionals work closely with the dedicated staff at CPSNSW to ensure the well-being of the cats in their care.

Our extensive veterinary services for the Cat Protection Society of NSW include:

  • Health check-ups: Regular health assessments are crucial for the early detection of potential health issues and for maintaining overall feline well-being. Our team provides thorough examinations, ensuring that each cat in CPSNSW’s care receives the necessary attention and care.
  • Desexing: To help control the cat population and prevent unwanted litters, Concord Veterinary Hospital offers desexing services for cats under the care of CPSNSW. This essential procedure not only benefits the feline community but also promotes a healthier, more content life for individual cats.
  • Microchipping: As a crucial component of responsible pet ownership, microchipping helps to reunite lost cats with their guardians. Our team provides microchipping services, ensuring that each cat adopted from CPSNSW can be easily identified and returned home if they ever become lost.
  • Vaccinations: Concord Veterinary Hospital offers comprehensive vaccination services to protect cats against a range of common diseases. By keeping their vaccinations up-to-date.

To learn more about the Cat Protection Society of NSW, their adoption process, and how you can support their vital work, please visit their website by clicking on the link here: www.catprotection.org.au

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