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Concord Veterinary Hospital provides regular puppy preschool classes through Wag School. Puppy school is a great place to learn basic training skills and allows socialisation with puppies of a similar age!

During this time pups need to learn how to communicate appropriately and develop their social skills, so you don’t want to miss this relatively small window of opportunity. Dogs are social animals, so it is important that your pup learns how to fit into your family and your way of life. Attending Wag School’s puppy training classes will help your pup to build confidence, learn social and coping skills, and have the very best start in life.

Puppies are cute and cuddly, and bring joy to our lives. However, along with their adorable demeanour, comes the responsibility of ensuring they are well-trained and socialised. Puppy training is crucial for a dog’s development, and the best place to start is through Concord Veterinary Hospital.

We are a renowned animal hospital that offers a wide range of services, including puppy training and Puppy vaccinations Sydney.

Our team of experienced veterinarians and trainers work together to ensure your puppy receives the best possible care and attention.

Here are some of the benefits of puppy training through Concord Veterinary Hospital

  • Socialisation: One of the key benefits of puppy training is socialisation. Puppies that are not exposed to different people, animals, and environments may become fearful or aggressive. At our school, puppies are introduced to a variety of experiences, which helps them develop confidence and a healthy sense of curiosity.
  • House training: Potty training is one of the most challenging aspects of puppy ownership. However, with proper training, your puppy can quickly learn where to do their business. Our trainers use positive reinforcement techniques to teach puppies how to use designated areas for elimination.
  • Basic obedience: Puppy vaccinations Sydney and Puppy training with us includes basic obedience training. Your puppy will learn commands such as sit, stay, come, and leave it, which are essential for their safety and well-being. These commands also help establish a bond between you and your puppy.
  • Behavior modification: Puppies may exhibit unwanted behaviours, such as chewing on furniture, jumping on people, or barking excessively. At our puppy training school, our trainers work with puppies to modify these behaviours using positive reinforcement techniques. This helps ensure your puppy develops into a well-behaved and well-adjusted adult dog.
  • Preventative healthcare: During puppy training at our puppy school, your pet will receive essential preventative healthcare services, such as vaccinations and parasite prevention. This helps protect your puppy from common diseases and illnesses.


Training is crucial for your puppy’s development, and through Concord Veterinary Hospital offers the best possible training. With socialisation, house training, basic obedience, behaviour modification, and preventative healthcare services, your puppy is sure to grow into a happy, healthy, and well-behaved adult dog. Contact our team today to schedule your puppy’s training sessions.

For more information or to book your pet into puppy preschool, call us on 02 9743 1715 or visit: www.wagschool.com.au

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Please submit your enquiry, and our team shall respond within 24 hours. If the matter is urgent or an emergency, kindly contact us directly at 02 9743 1715. For emergencies outside of regular business hours, please reach Sash Vet ICU at 02 9889 0289.

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